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Corporate Partnerships

Our clientele share a common expectation that a travel program will produce the best business advantage when it is managed in partnership with a team of experienced travel consultants.

Travel Plus is driven by the understanding that strong customer service combined with the best technology available can produce results that have a direct impact and a positive effect on your Company’s success.

Corporate Travelers

Business travel is a necessity in today’s global economy. For the business travelers it is essential to make the most of your time! At Travel Plus, we take care of all the travel details with the preferred treatment you deserve. Whether you book online or call us directly, we are available for your every day of the year 24/7!

Our state of the art reservations center offers you the convenience of a dedicated travel consultant team trained on, and familiar with your corporate travel policy and guidelines.

Air and Hotel

How do you make sense of discount fare structures, blackout dates, fare restrictions, penalties, group rates, and seasonal rates? How do you find the airfare from Tulsa to Tampa? What if you lost your passport in Paris, or need a hotel in New York?

Already Booked Your Air?

Spend less time checking in, and more time enjoying your vacation with our online air check-ins.

Find Vacation Flights and Hotels

If you travel a lot, and you want the very best convenience and efficiency, Travel Plus agents understand the unique requirements of business executives and the special relationship with corporate travel desks.

Convenient Online Booking

With over a million flights daily, worldwide, there is no way you could confidently plan a trip without the services of Travel Plus. We offer Amadeus' easy to use internet based automated booking tool for leisure and corporate travelers who prefer online bookings

Contact our Travel Consultants at 1.847.842.0101

Travel Tips

  • Need to know the type of power used around the world? Learn what you need here.
  • Confused by all the different fees airlines are charging for baggage? Check out our list of domestic fees
  • TSA Body Scanners & Secure Flight - Travelers: Be prepared for beefed up security.
  • When you travel, never store all your documents and valuables in the same place. If you travel as a family or as part of a group, do not let one person carry all the passports, and keep a photocopy with you and one a home in case it is lost or stolen.
  • Schedule your passport renewal -. Remember, passports should be valid 6 months beyond your travel dates.
  • If you are on medicare, did you know when traveling out of the country you are not covered? You would need to purchase medical insurance.
  • Just in case your checked luggage is lost, share a suitcase with your traveling companion to avoid going with your personal belongings. Never pack in your checked luggage, medication or valuables.
  • Not sure of how much to bring overseas? Check out our currency converter

Our Trusted Partners

  • A Celebrity Five Star Agency

    Agencies designated with “A Celebrity Five Star Agency” are certified in selling Celebrity Cruises. These travel professionals have completed five levels of courses to learn all about the Celebrity Cruise experience, including service, cuisine, spa and destinations.

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  • Princess Cruises

    Travel Plus, Inc. is a Princess Cruises Commodore Certified Travel Agency.

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  • Royal Caribbean International Certified Expert Plus

    Travel Plus, Inc. has been specially trained in the Royal Caribbean University of Wow to offer you customized service and brand expertise on our ships, itineraries, destinations, shore excursions and more.

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  • ASTA

    The ASTA logo is recognized around the world as a symbol of professionalism and integrity. It is the sign of membership in ASTA, the professional affiliation most often endorsed by the media when recommending how to find a reliable travel agent.

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  • Travel Guard

    With Travel Insurance through travel guard you will have valuable coverage for you and your family. Enjoy your vacation with ease by adding Travel Guard protection to your next trip.

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