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At Travel Plus we are more than just travel agents. We are specialists — experienced travelers and seasoned professionals who are planning trips as if we are going ourselves. So we're always looking for the best deals, most efficient routes, and greatest convenience. We are putting the comfort and pleasure back into travel by being on top of a constantly changing industry. Here's how we do it...


With over a million flights a day, worldwide, there is no way you could confidently plan a trip without going online with all the major airlines. Travel Plus has direct access to real time scheduling, pricing and reservations.

We can help you leave when you want to leave, arrive when you want to arrive, with a minimum amount of hassle.

Executive & Commercial

If you travel a lot, you want the very best convenience and efficiency. Travel Plus agents understand the unique requirements of business executives and the special relationship with corporate travel desks. Travel Plus services for large corporations include quarterly computerized reports on your travel, and accounting data that includes savings affected by special fares. Also, we have offer after-hours 800 numbers providing 24 by 7 emergency service.

Vacations & Holidays

Whether traveling alone, or as a family, or when combining a holiday with a business trip, Travel Plus will give you a consultation full of interesting ideas and travel possibilities. Even if you don't know where to go, we'll questions you about your likes and dislikes and point you in the right direction. Travel Plus agents can make suggestions on charters, tour packages, cruises and independent travel to any destination.

Conventions & Conferences

Travel Plus arranges conferences and conventions both domestically and internationally. Discounted air, hotel and car rental rates are negotiated for every meeting. Handling large groups of experienced and inexperienced travelers is a skill acquired only through experience. Whether multiple annual conferences of 3,000 or more, or international conventions with 800 participants from 80 different countries, Travel Plus has done them and has the expertise to handle them efficiently.

International Destinations

Travel Plus specializes in international travel. Contracted fares for groups of ten or more and/or consolidator rates to all destinations result in significant savings. Travel Plus' extensive work in international destinations provides you with expertise in routing, even to remote and less well traveled destinations. Travel Plus will advise you how to obtain visas or refer you to a company that specializes in visa processing.

Groups & Tours

From the time that a travel project is conceived until the group arrives safely home, Travel Plus personnel involve themselves with every detail. Travel Plus' Tour department is a team operation that customizes arrangements for individual tour hosts and organizations. Special contract air fares and negotiated rates, from tour operators who represent Travel Plus worldwide, combine to produce tour and incentive groups with unusual advantages of economy coupled with excellence of accommodations and land arrangements.

Traveling with Travel Plus


  • are your partners - we put ourselves in your shoes;
  • will find you the best price and the greatest convenience;
  • develop a computerized client profile which alerts Travel Plus agents of your preferences for seating, special meals, hotels, and rental cars;
  • instantly reserve and confirm all your travel arrangements with just one phone call;
  • research the best routings for complex travel requirements;
  • will keep you informed about penalties, restrictions, pets, early check-ins;
  • make sure your frequent flyer number in in your record;
  • issue ticket less reservations for convenience of last minute travel;
  • have an 800 number for toll free out-of-state calls.


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